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Adult Baby

I can be your mummy, babysitter, or whatever role you prefer. We can discuss this before the session and also how nice or nasty I can be. I have disposable nappies or if you prefer mummy has terry nappies and soft plastic baby pants. I have rompers and onesies and also baby dresses for those who want to be sissy babies. I can feed you warm milk from a babybottle and wind you, feed you yummy baby food and then change your wet nappy. Mummy has cuddles for good babies and spanked bottoms for those who are naughty!


If you are going to act like a baby then I will treat you like one! Naughty boys get their bare bottoms spanked hard while a baby’s dummy is firmly tied to their mouths. Nanny will force you into wear nappies and plastic pants just like a baby! And if you wet your nappy Nanny will make you sit in the corner in your wet nappy until you learn how to behave!


Perhaps you aren't an adult baby and just like to wear diapers? I can be as strict as you like and can be even be incredibly cruel. I could mock you for being a grown man who still wets the bed and has wear nappies. I could humiliate you for wearing things that only babies should wear. I could put you in a nice pair of sissy frilly plastic baby pants over your nappy while I verbally abuse you.


Some people just like to wear diapers. Before we start I can ask you a series of questions to determine exactly what kind of diapers you enjoy and your diaper fetish scene. Diaper fetishism can be combined with whatever role-play you desire. I can also incorporate diapers into a regular domination scene, mix diapers with other fetishes, and incorporate them into a BDSM session. I can customise every session just for you so let me know what you would like.


I can also incorporate Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers into my Crossdressing service. You’d look so adorable dressed up as a baby girl with full make up and wig with a frilly bonnet and pretty dress. When you lift up your flouncy skirt you can show Nanny your frilly plastic lined panties over your nappy. But if you wet it you’ll get a smacked bottom!

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