3 Ways in Which Avoiding Software Testing Will Hurt Your Marketing

Software testing is the way to ensure the dependability, accuracy, and correctness of the software application. With so many software developed every day, it is becoming more and more crucial to test our software for potential bugs and issues. بهترین نرم افزار اتوماسیون اداری testing can take place during the entire software development lifecycle from the initial designing to after launch maintenance. It is recommended to ensure that your software is error free to the greatest extent possible because a small bug can lead to unexpected crashes, bad user experience, and even bad market reputation. It is already very difficult to growth hack software marketing and if you launch a buggy software in the market then it will lead to a bad reputation for your business that will be very hard to recover from.

Testing a software requires a considerable investment of development time and effort. If you have outsourced your software development or have a shortage of in-house talent then this might come as a huge additional cost as well. So the question comes, why is it important to perform software testing. Here are some ways in which errors in the software code can ruin your business reputation and marketing efforts:

Software testing ensures that the company’s brand and reputation carried with the software are protected and enriched. Every time a bug interferes with the end user interaction, you see a potential risk of getting a bad market reputation. Your first-time users are most important for feedback and market analysis. It is easiest to sell to these users and generate word of mouth publicity for future sales. But if your initial software has many bugs then you won’t be able to convert these customers.

Some of the best ways to launch a software or application in the market involve growth hacking. Growth hacking if executed properly generates a lot of traction for your software in very less time. If the software is full of bugs then this marketing will bring in more harm than good. Due to massive traction, your reputation in the market will go down significantly and it will be very hard to recover.

With the usage of software in many different industries like healthcare, BFSI, and education the impact of a bug can be massive. If a there is a bug in operation machinery software or in the transaction management system then it can lead to a huge loss of life and property. Thus, before delivering the final software it is crucial to perform software testing and ensure that the software is free from any bug.

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