Kaya Dental is Your New Online Resource for Infection Control Products

 According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are two main types of surfaces that can be contaminated in a یونیت دندانپزشکی office and that must be taken care of with Infection Control Products: environmental surfaces (any surface or equipment that does not directly contact patients); and clinical contact surfaces (any surface that comes in direct contact with patients.)

Environmental surfaces like floors, walls, and sinks have a limited risk of disease transmission; however, clinical surfaces — which are usually difficult or impossible to disinfect like Surgical Products (operating microscopes, curing lights, and syringes) — must be protected by Dental Barrier Products.

 Dental Barriers are essential in maintaining optimalhygiene in the office. Dental barriers are disposable and can only be used once for a single patient. Most dental tools and items that are protected by a dental barrier do not directly come in contact with the patient’s mouth; however, they are still prone to contamination due to a direct spray or splatter of oral fluids during dental procedures.

 The risk of infecting a patient due to contamination is a serious matter; therefore, it is important to disinfect both clinical contact surfaces and environmental surfaces. To help protect your patients, Kaya Dental has a wide range of Infection Control Products like disposable dental barriers, face masks, gowns and much more.

 What is Kaya Dental? Kaya Dental is a new online dental supplier for dentists and dental offices. Kaya features high quality products through an easy-to-navigate website. At Kaya, dental professionals can find Infection Control Products, Dental Barrier Products or Surgical Products they may need.To maintain your environmental surfaces free of contamination, Kaya Dental also offers many disinfection solutions, wipes and products.

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