SMS Marketing using SMS Software – Pros and Cons

Their main concerns for marketing leaders related to email to sms marketing are security of their database, getting a flexible platform to run SMS campaign at a schedule convenient to them, doing the campaign effectively, irrespective of the numbers of messages to be sent.   The critical questions related to SMS marketing, from the perspective of marketing leaders, are as follows

A flexible and high throughput service using client software is the solution to marketing men woes.  Companies such as ValueFirst Messaging Private Limited ( provide highly effective SMS Service solution to marketing companies, advertising agencies to carry out in-house SMS marketing campaigns. In fact, such companies provide an end-to-end service using its software products for complete marketing activities which can be done on SMS. 

The user is able to devise his own campaign and carry it out without any involvement of the service provider. The client software application products are installed at client premises and campaigns are carried out with clients getting on-line MIS. Delivery reports which are provided by the service provider help the user in cleaning-up his data-base.

It is easier to do small campaigns, run contests and advertising agencies can use the platform to carry out simultaneous campaigns for multiple-customers. Incoming SMS on 4-digit or 5-digit short codes in conjunction with conventional media has become the most effective tool for generating leads and carrying out contests for promoting brands. 

SMS limitations: While SMS users enjoy several benefits like sending an instant, personal message which is always read, there are limitations associated with SMS. It is nothing more than 160 characters of text, devoid of sound, pictures and special effects of traditional print media. In spite of the limitations SMS has its own specific uses which help marketers give specific information to their customers.

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