Things To Do In Las Vegas And The Big Win

Visiting Las Vegas is a lot of fun but people always wonder what some things to do in Las Vegas are? I could make a list of over 100 things to do in Las slot hoki222; to name a few: Circus Circus, the strip, Mandalay Bay Hotel, the Mirage, Bellagio Fountains, Treasure Island, all the dining experiences, fine art, the roller coaster and many other attractions.

You don’t have to be 21 to see many good sites and have a good time. Magic shows, rides and other special attractions are available for the kids. Think and plan out of the box. Las Vegas is also a fund place for the family.

Being too young doesn’t mean you or your children can’t have a great time Las Vegas. There’s world class accommodations, an entire universe of unique attractions, wonderful restaurants, and memorable street performances and activities.

Gambling and girlie shows are not the only way to have a great time in Vegas. The biggest problem you’re going to encounter is how to fit all of the fun into one vacation. There is just not enough time.

Casinos are probably the first thing people think about when they think of things to do in Las Vegas, but stage shows and performances are just as popular. Take the Lion King for example, it’s been wowing audiences for years. The Lion King has won many awards including Tony’s for best musical, best costumes, and great choreography. Some reviews have called it the best show in Vegas. See for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

Over at MGM Grand Resort & Casino, the Cirque de Soleil is fantastic. I’ve have never seen Music, lights, fire, and acrobatics combined into such a fascinating event, much better than a normal circus. Every show they put on has its own story line. The stage alone can be the main attraction. At a cost of over $200 million, they produce the best props and costume designs imaginable. Many of them are digital projections that are unbelievable. Other popular shows include Blue Man Group and Rick Thomas Magic, along with a host of comedies, magic shows, and other headliners.

Tours are another source of excitement and are a great way to explore the Las Vegas area. The Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon are other landmarks that are close by. They are astounding attractions in themselves. A 15 hour tour will pick you up from the hotel, feed you breakfast and give you a wonderful day of adventure. The tour groups are small, 10 people per group, for your protection. Ask lots of questions and take lots of pictures.

For rides and thrills visit the Stratosphere Tower and the Sky Jump. You’ll leap from 108 floors high and fell like falling to your death. What suspense! What fun!

Las Vegas is never boring. There are attractions, shows, rides and dining spots that would satisfy any glutton. You’ll find that your desires for thrill and excitement will never be quenched. Bring money because you’ll spend more than you planned, but in the long run, it will all be worth it.

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